I'm looking for a pair of humbucker-sized p-90s to swap into my Epiphone Les Paul. Right now, I just have the stock humbuckers in, and was looking for a change. Tonally, I want something a little brighter and clearer than humbuckers, and with more bite than my current stock pups. I play mainly clean and w/ low to mid-gain overdrive, using the clean channel on a Blues Junior along with a Fulldrive 2.

Points of reference tonally would be Television/Tom Verlaine (I believe he plays a Jazzmaster), The Strokes (their music is a mixed bag, but I love their guitar tone), Johnny Thunders, and Robert Quine. Pretty much the 60's-70's garage/proto-punk sound.

I've seen plenty of debate online over Gibson P-94's, Seymour Duncan Phat Cats, and GFS Mean 90's. I'd love to save the money and go with Mean 90's, especially for my first guitar mod, but I've heard wildly differing opinions on them. Any preferences between these three pups, or additional humbucker-sized p90s that I should consider?
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Here's two really flippen good P-90's to consider.

BKP Stockholm, will put most high output humbuckers to shame.

BKP Mississipi Queen, for a more vintage sound

Sound clips are on the page.
go with the Mississippi queen
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go with the Mississippi queen

That's be my choice for rock and blues, I like the cleans better, I'm not a fan of the high output P-90 cleans.

If you're in America, you can get them from this site, I like their customer service. Looks like the only HSP-90 they have is the Mississippi Queen, you're in luck.