Hey UG community, I've been recording for a bit and I'm finally not sick so I wanted to re-record some vocals I did for a couple tracks. But for some reason all of a sudden my vocals in the recording sound a lot more "roomy". It's never been like this before, the only thing that has changed in the room is the cushion chair that I used to use to hold my laptop? Do you think that was enough to absorb some echo near the mic? How do you suggest I get rid of the "roomy" reverby kinda sound that I pick up from the mic, all help is great
I guess if you noticed it then yeah.

Put more cushions and things around. Hang some blankets from the roof. Curtains, rugs. See if you can get one of those vocal booth/screen things that clip on the mic stand.
The chair probably did absorb quite a bit.
Depending on how serious you were with the recordings, you could always get some foam up, carpet on the walls works a treat due to how dense it is, otherwise just get as much stuff in the room like pillows and cushions.
Haha alright thanks all, I'm trying to find the chair again it seems to have dissapeared but I'm going to try and find an old mattress in our shed and maybe set up a simple booth with sheets and stuff
Sometimes, it can be as simple as how close you are to a reflective surface. Move the mic back a couple of feet or so (more than what it already is) from the wall and see if that "roominess" goes away.

Also, get your voice up closer to the mic.

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