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I've given my Ibanez S a beautiful new paint-job and all I need are the pickups to finish the job. I ordered a Dimario PAF Pro for the bridge which has already shipped and is sitting next to my keyboard. I also ordered a Liquifire, only to find out it's severely backordered on Musician's Friend and now Guitarcenter. Now, I really had my heart set on a Liquifire but it appears they're out of stock almost everywhere. I play progressive rock- I love those glassy lead tones that the liquifire gives on the higher notes. I need a neck pickup that can handle a variety of styles while giving my thin little guitar some extra thickness. Harmonics and sustain are a must.

Now, does anyone know a bridge pickup that can fit the bill better than a liquifire? If not, is there a place that isn't out of stock on them? Your personal pickup recommendations have been requested! Also any gear sites that are reliable and not out of stock. Thanks UG!
I really enjoy the Dimarzio Humbucker from Hell in the neck of my Ibanez S
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I believe the Air Norton is closest to the Liquifire. It may sound more noodley, less glassy, however, but I think thats what Petrucci used before the new album. Did you check Ebay? I'm sure there will be some Liquifire on there if you check!
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