Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted my folky stuff, I was just wondering what you thought of this:


It's probably less trippy than my other work, but I hope it's pretty decent.

I've been working on my singing too a little bit, I belt in the last chorus. Feedback on my vocals would be most appreciated!

And here's my bandcamp too, if you wanna download or listen to my other stuff:


Thanks for listening, guys!
Why yes! You may have some feedback!

The acoustic guitar's got a dark, subdued sound to it, which is nice. I'm not feeling the overdubbed vocals and the glockenspeil. Also, there's a lot of static noise. You should fix that.

Your timing needs to be tightened up, and your vocals are really flat. The kind of music you've got going on here is really interesting however. The moody guitar and the vocals remind me of Michael Gira's acoustic work. I think you'll make an awesome songwriter once you've got all your technical shit together.

I hope this helped

Thanks for the feedback man!

Haha yeah, I usually add harmonies to my vocals, but I got really lazy with this, I admit. I'll sort that out in future.

I've been using a different program for mixing down the parts, so I'm not used to it yet, I will practice more!

I'm not a very good singer, I was thinking that it might help if I got someone else to sing for me, but that sounds like hard work :P

Anyway, thanks for the crit, man!