Rush is by far my favorite band ever. I really want to learn some covers by them, but I have an issue with learning it by ear. I have been playing for a year and a half and I have learned everything by ear thus far. I was thinking about buying a metronome and the sheet music. Is this a good plan?
First, are you able to play the songs?
A LOT of Neil Peart's Rhythms are extremely complex and give many people that have been playing for even 10 years fits.

Second, do you have the extra funding to get sheet music and a metronome?
This is self explanatory.

If you answer yes to both, then I have no objection. I actually think it is a good idea, especially if you are not good learning by ear.
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good luck finding rush drum sheet music. i've never bought sheet music for drums before, i just don't know where people find it. i would try to improve your ear, if you don't have a good enough ear to learn songs without sheet music, maybe its too early to be learning rush songs.
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No, everyone knows you can't learn music with a metronome and sheet music. Quit trolling.

I had a good giggle at that
Im not trolling, so I apologize for asking such a stupid question. And you can buy Rush sheet music off their website or any local music/book store. Thanks to all who gave useful advice.
And Ive learned everything thing by ear at this point in time, just when it comes to covering my favorite band I want to be precise as possible
im sure u can find rush sheet music, but rush DRUM music is different. MAKE SURE u dont buy the music for the other instruments. and riotriotupstart was joking, obviously you CAN learn songs from a metronome and sheet music, he was being sarcastic.