So I've decided to join UG for some advice. I need to replace a couple of impulse purchases that I have made in the past. I mainly play at home and occasionally jam a little with friends. I have an EVH 5150III half stack and a Marshall JVM210H head that rarely get played because, well 100 watts is a bit much for the house. I'm looking to replace these with a couple of amps that will suit me better. I mostly play VH, GNR, AC/DC, blues, Metallica, Foo Fighters and so on. Im looking to replace them with a couple of combos that will suit me better playing at home.
I've been looking at the VOX AC15 handwired and the Marshall Haze 40. Neither of these will give me the gain I want for the heavier stuff though.
I live in the southeast US.
Hear is a list of my equip:
'08 Gibson LP standard in Ebony w/ Alnico II pro
'98 Gibson LP classic in honeyburst w/ Slash Alnico
'09 Gibson LP '57 VOS goldtop
'09 Gibson LP custom in silverburst
EVH wolfgang
Warmoth Tele Deluxe

I would prefer to stick to tube amps. As far as budget goes, lets say $3000. Sorry if I left anything out, and thanks for replies in advance.
Dude, where do you get your money?! Im working 7 days a week to try and afford an Epiphone let alone a Gibson! and you have like 4! and $3000 budget! man fair play to ya! anyways, go for a Mesa Boogie, Best tube amps for heavier stuff, and try an orange amp, real nice sounds, and the VOX AC15 is also a good choice, keep rocking
I'm gonna put the 5150 and JVM up for sale and will be using funds from that on my new purchase. I'm pretty much sold on the VOX handwired. Just looking for another good amp to give me a little versatility. Like i said, I like the marshall tone but also want something for the heavier stuff

To put it another way, what should i look for that will replace a 5150III and a JVM in a small tube combo or multiple combos? I love both of my amps, but they are just way too much for playing at the house
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carvin steve vai legacy 2 or 1 its a 2x12 combo amp....its very good quality...and it will do your metallica stuff you play. especially with some good ol' tube overdrive.

btw...all carvin amps are made in california so you don't have to worry about the quality or reliability...in case you were wondering..

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What is the general consensus on the Mesa Roadster or the Mark V. I like the idea of the multi watt switch on the Mark V. Would this amp be a suitable replacement for the the 5150III and the JVM. Again, looking for an amp for Guns, blues, Foo Fighters and so on.