I'm building a Fender Strat clone guitar and I want to build it with 24 frets instead of the standard 22. Would it mess up the 25.5" scale and the bridge placement? Would it be too complicated to do or could I just lengthen the fretboard and neck and use a fret calculator to get the right fret placement? If it would be too difficult I'll just use a 22 fret template and keep the scale and bridge placement the same as a standard Strat, it would just be nice to have the full two octaves.
all it would need is 2 frets added to the end, but know that it will overhand the pickguard and body more, which will dictate neck pickup placement, and you will need to mod the pickguard as needed to match that
It wouldn't mess up your scale, you'd might have to move the neck pickup back though.

Most superstrats (Rgs, Dinkys, etc.) are 25.5 Inch scale with 24 frets.
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How complicated wouldit be to lengthen the scale and not mess with the body and pickguard?
I'll probably just end up doing 22 frets so I know everything will be right. Thanks for the help!
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just make a separate fretboard extender, like a gangstaa