I have an Ibanez SR505 which I have loved dearly ever since i bought it for about $300 USD a few years ago. However, my style of play has changed alot and I'm no longer playing metal like i was when i bought the thing. So I decided, what the hell, I'll post it on craigslist to see if anyone wants to trade for a Fender Jazz or P bass....I get this offer from a guy willing to trade his MIJ '75 Jazz Bass Reissue, natural finish w/ maple fretboard and ash body for my Ibanez. I'm not an expert but damn im finding these things on ebay for quite a bit more than the $300 i paid initially...plus its exactly the bass I want for the music i'm playing these days.

Seems perfect, right? One conundrum.......its a fretless bass....and i have no interest in one of those. Seriously, I would drive to this guys place this very second and swap if it had some damn frets on it. What do I do? I dont know whether fretting a fretless bass is worthwhile or even possible/recommended. Help me UG!!
Buy a separate neck for it?
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If it's worth more than the bass you'd be trading for, why not trade, and then sell the Jazz at a higher price? You can then put the money towards getting a bass you want.
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I was skeptical about fretless basses at first as well, when I was in Long & McQuade one day though I thought I would try out a Warwick Fretless. In all honesty is was beautiful, I loved it. I would have bought the bass right then and there if I had the money - but here I am, though I do plan on getting a fretless in the future.

Do try out the bass, go to the guys house and play the bass, you may be surprised at how nice it is. If not, you can still change the neck, though changing the neck definitely isn't for everyone.
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Buy a separate neck for it?

This, if you really want that bass but with frets. Its a Fender, so there's a million and one replacement necks out there. You can get licensed aftermarket necks, real Fender necks off ebay, Warmoth will even build you one out of exotic wood if you want.

Or you could just wait for another trade offer.
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new info from him..."i was looking for the sound of my then *new 1962 fender j that i bought when our band from BENLD, il backed chuck berry at the colesum ball room in Benld, back in 1962. *the body is a 75 fender reissue, *that is the bridge pickup is moved 1/4" forward which offers the typical 60's J growl. *this is true. *the neck , however is an eden neck which i removed all frets, *then filled. *i never did find a serial number but there was a recently installed fender jazz decal. my plan is to buy a mity mite jazz neck *w/ rosewood fingerboard *for $100 and just keep it.at 68 i don't need another bass but wanted your 5- string as a back-up to my fender-jazz HM-5 that is my go to bass for any gigs. your bass is an ibanez which only has value to a few heavy metal guys. i know my bass body dimensionally is a 62 or 75 jazz that is worth $400- $600 as is.with the new neck i'll have everything including the sound, but no proof that this is a 75-ri fender jazz. you decide, pls advise"

Still worth it?
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your bass is an ibanez which only has value to a few heavy metal guys.

Because of THIS, i'd say no.

Keep the SR505, which is an awesome bass. Save up $200ish and buy a Squier VM Jazz.

It looks like you'll get more trouble than it's worth if you buy the fretless.
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