Hey UG community, I've been recording for a bit and I'm finally not sick so I wanted to re-record some vocals I did for a couple tracks. But for some reason all of a sudden my vocals in the recording sound a lot more "roomy". It's never been like this before, the only thing that has changed in the room is the cushion chair that I used to use to hold my laptop? Do you think that was enough to absorb some echo near the mic? How do you suggest I get rid of the "roomy" reverby kinda sound that I pick up from the mic, all help is great I know I've already posted this but I want some more opinions
Most of the time that can be fixed by putting up some sound dampening material like that egg crate style acoustic foam. I have also heard of some people putting thick curtains up on the walls to help dampen the noise.

Pretty much anything you can do to stop sound from bouncing off the wall is a good thing. Just mess around with some stuff and see what works best. Also recording in a smaller room or a closet might help too.
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Seeing as I'm in a good mood though: most people don't realise that most reflections entering a mic when tracking vocals often come from behind the performer - not the mic. Many people record with cardioid mics, which pick up very little sound from behind them (their null point), relative to their front and sides. If you hang a thick blanket/duvet behind the vocalist when tracking, any reflections from the walls behind the singer will be greatly reduced, thus reducing the room sound picked up by the front of the mic. This is also why many people buy a reflection filter/budget brand version and are unimpressed that there is still room sound in their mic, despite them blocking out reflections (to a degree) behind the mic.
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