I am currently shopping for a guitar. I am chossing between an Ibanez arz 800, a jackson Rhodes RR5, and epiphone Les paul standard or a dean deceiver FM. I was wondering which guitar would be the best for the price they are and which sound good for the music I do. I play classic rock to metal example beatles, ACDC, Guns'n roses, Blacksabbath, Metallica, Led Zeppelin. My current set up is a laney LX 65D, a danelectro metal distortion and my guitar is a Univox Les paul copy.
Personally I'd take the Jackson. I suppose any of those would work for rock and metal. Jackson feels like it's MADE for metal :P
The Epiphone LP might be the go-to choice for a lot of people when it comes to the stuff you play. However, I recommend you try 'em all out first before making any final decisions on buying them. Anybody will tell you that when you're buying a guitar, you can never try out your potential purchases too much! If you've got a music store nearby, go check and see if they've got any of these. Hey, you might even find a new pick that you haven't listed here!
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I own a Dean EVO Special Select and a Time Capsule Cadillac (both of which I love), but would probably not buy most low-end Deans at this time. They're just not as good a value sub-$700 as the other brands you mentioned. That said, if you get away from the ones that are über-popular these days- generally, the "pointy"/"metal" ones- you might get decent value for money.

(That said, I'm not familiar with the Dean Deceiver FM in particular.)
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The Dean and the ARZ have 24 frets, if that might change your focus. Look at the specs (wood and pickups, most importantly) and try to find a place to try these guitars out.
I would go for the Epiphone, I have one and it has always been really good. Plus I would say it suits 'most' of the stuff you play.
Jackson. Dont listen to anyone tellin you different. I have a Jackson Rhodes Ex pro from 94.....and I can honestly say id marry the neck on that guitar.
Jackson or Epiphone. For sure. congrats on having good taste. I couldn't be happier with my RR.
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I have always had good luck with Ibanez, but I play death metal. So... Maybe you'll be better off picking up an Epiphone, that's pretty classic rock-ish.
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Lolwut?? So many people choosing a CHINESE made mediocre guitar over a high end JAPANESE made one??
Come on, the Jackson blows the epiphone away, certainly regarding build quality, hardware and playability.
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I played the Jackson RR5. It had an amazing feel... Get it.
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