I'm a beginner interested in playing mostly punk and alt rock and this would be my first electric guitar. I have been playing an acoustic for around six months now but am wanting to get more serious and go for what I really want to play.

I'm leaning toward a Les Paul copy because of all the good things I've heard about them, but again, open to other suggestions for my playing style. I don't have much money to work with (willing to spend at the most $250) and I have heard good things about Rondo music: on checking it out I found an SX Callisto in Lake Placid Blue and hell, was it purdy. (http://www.rondomusic.com/callistolpb.html)

I'm pretty sure it's not a good idea, considering all the warnings against shopping online/bolt-on necks/etc. etc. that I've heard, buuuut how bad would it really be? Anyone played one of these things?
If not, suggestions?
excuse the noobness.
Rondo is pretty legit. I've heard bad stories, but everything I've played from them has been decent. I used to own a "Douglas" 7 string from them. It was ****ing awesome.
It's probably the best LP knockoff you'll get for $150. But it's still a $150 LP knockoff.
I used to have an sx guitar, strat shape, I hate it, but possibly it may notbe the same brand. But it's basically a typical 'starter guitar' though it's deffinately a low end. Also note, this may not be the same brand. THey may just have the same brand
For 250, just get a Bstock Agile
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Hmmm I would suggest looking at guitarfetish.com. I've heard good things about their guitars and they aren't too expensive either.
I can vouch for Rondo Music, as I have bought my Agile AL-2000 CSB Les Paul from them, and have had not problems.

Mine is in CSB, but here is a blue one.


I'm not sure about the SX line though. They are usually not made too well.

I would personally got for the Agile AL-2000, if you want to shell out the cash.

It's all about what you want to spend, vs. the quality your are willing to accept.
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SX and Douglas are the cheap chinese lines that Rondo sells. Spend a little more and get an Agile. It's Korean made and comes with Grover tuners. It'll blow the SX and for only about $75 more.
I also had my eye on an agile al2000 because I've heard a lot of good things about them, if the sx line isn't very good I'm putting up the extra cash for an agile. thanks, this is what I needed!
excuse the noobness.
I hear SX makes good basses (for what they're worth) but I can't say that for the guitars. I think you're best off saving for the Agile though. Heard great things all around about those (and not just the LP copies too.)
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