So i live in a small town where theres not many music stores, so i dont get to try out many differrent basses.

I did get to try out the warwick pro series corvette 5 which i fell in love with. But when i looked on the net i noticed theres a few different basses in the pro series, the thumb bass, the robert trujillo etc

So what im wondering is if there is much of a difference in the sounds of these basses. I play mostly prog similar to tool and karnivool etc. and thrash metal but like to play a little funk/slap.

So my question is would the cOrvette, thumb or rob trujillo be best for my style?
I really like the Corvette DoubleBuck. Those are all pretty expensive basses, if your gonna drop the cash you really just need to go play them and see what you like the best.
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Doesn't seem like the sort of purchase you want to go into blind :/ I would call up every music store with an hours drive (or more) and see which of those three they have for you to play, even if you have to go out for a day or two, at the end of the day you're gonna be holding onto this thing (i would hope) for quite a few years, so get as much of a feel for all three of them as possible. Plus on your travels you might find something you like more.

If that's too much trouble or getting around will be difficult or whatever, then I would say go for the one you like the look of best, you could make all three of those work for what you want, your tone is primarily from your amp anyway.
Yeah if i wanna try the other basses i need to go to a bigger city interstate, which is 2000 km away, ive searched pretty much every music shop in the area they suck.

Might just get the corvette because i loved it but my main question really was the tone or build pickup differences between the 3 basses
I have the Pro series corvette (5 string - bubinga body). It is awesome. It is my first and only (so far only ;D) bass, and i love it. Always try as many as you can. Even if you drive an hour or so, try a shops guitars and like one, you can try shop around online for the same one cheaper and get it shipped in, might save you some $$.
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what type of music do u play cantplay4penuts? do u find it a versatlie bass? what amp do u play through?

i plan on trying a few more basses out tonight but im pretty sure im gonna get this
I have a German made Ash Corvette with active pickups (so it's effectively the same as a Pro series now).

Thus far, I've used it for rock, jazz, funk, pop, metal, RnB. I've never really thrown it into a situation it hasn't been fine with.
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I play through an AmpegBA115. I find it a versatile bass as far as im concerned. Im not to good when it comes to tone and getting different sounds, so i cant comment on its versatility. And my ideas on it's tone are only my opinion.

From what ive learnt in bass so far it is very nice.

I played guitar alot before buying it, and i find this much more comfortable for my hands. When i got it (from ebay) it came set up fairly well, with abit of fret buzz. I was suprised at how adjustable the bass was, in regards to action, string height, nut height, so on so forth, as that was new to me. As far as finish goes, it is amazing, when i was pulling it out of the bubble wrap, i held the headstock, it was so smooth i almost jizzed myself. The body is sanded off very well, very smooth, no chips. Ive knocked my small tv off the table with the headstock, didnt dint it, didnt put it our of tune or any of that stuff. Knocked it on my table and metal bed foot thing, no dints. Im happy with the money i spent.
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I would still call him a regular musician...just a very irregular person lol

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