hey guys, can i get some suggestions of songs i should learn? ive been trying to learn full songs lately

im looking for metal mostly and possibly hardrock....anything from metallica to newer stuff like atreyu and kse. im open to pretty much anything you guys suggest, as long as you say its fun to play/learn.

other than that, im just looking for something at around an intermediate level; and songs that arent too long(5min+)

some songs ive been learning/ know:

carousel-blink182; learned it cus i used to love them when i was younger. easy fun song but aside fromt he intro and the little riff it got kinda repetitive

whole lotta love-zeppelin ; easy, cool little solo

slow burn- atreyu; pretty easy, got a little boring though

my fork in the road-atreyu; working on it, challenging for me but do-able.

fade to black-metallica; took hours of practice to get the acoustic rythm. not too bad but its so long i got lazy and havent finished it

so thats just to give a general idea of my level....and again im trying to learn full songs so for now, id rather not do 10minute songs..

just think back to songs you learned and found really fun to play please !!!
One- Metallica

It literally got me into listening to Metallica thanks to my guitar teacher recommending it to me. And it has a lot of good different stuff in it. Oddly enough, the lead part starts easy and gets progressively harder as you get further into it. It's a nice long song but doesn't really get repetitive. Also, incorporates a lot of different techniques of playing into one song. Can't recommend it enough.
Really, it is more a question of what you want to learn. Just listen to what you normally do and then pick from that.
crazy train solo may b a little hard for me.
the problem with one is like i said, its pretty long...and since its not repetitive i'll take me a long ass time to learn.....right now since im just starting out learning songs, i wanna do things that take me like a day or two to learn; but yea i'll eventually learn it, its a great song.

ac/dc and tool, i'll check em out.

and yea, i know i should learn songs i like, but im just looking for suggestions. for example i dont listen to too much metallica but the other day i heard fade to black on the radio, and though it was awsome, which inspired me to start learning it...

same with atreyu and kse; ive been learning it because its new music ive been listening to.

thanks for the suggestions guys!! keep em coming, i'll check tomorrow morning again.
For songs I suggest looking into metallicas Load and Reload...I love those albums and the songs are pretty easy, also you might look into some megadeth stuff like "devils island" or "in my darkest hour". Also Testaments "alone in the dark", lake if fire by nirvana is fun, and last but not least - to shake it up a bit - the night and the silent water by Opeth
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