Ive been playing for about 3 and a half years. I like to play metal mostly, and I do have a "thing" for Ibanez guitars. I was looking at the SAS32EX, I kinda like it. But I was wondering what other guitar's UG would recommend within the price range of 300-500.
I really like Schecter guitars, you should check them out. I got myself an Omen-6 FR for $300, and it's great, the neck feels nice and it's really playable. Just gotta put some EMGs in it and I'm set .
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Used. You will save lots of money. It's not unlikely to find a $600 guitar for $300 or less used. If you like Ibanez, you can find an S470 used for $300, and throw whatever pickups you want in there. Then you'll have a kick-ass guitar for less than $500. Or you can find an RG550 on eBay used for less than $500 sometimes if you wait. It's a pretty sweet guitar for the price.
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Ibanez and ESP/LTD are very good bang for your buck guitars.

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For the used route, do what Tom said, and for new, possibly a Schecter unless you're not in the states. Then just do what Tom said
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