i was recently recruited to play in a melodeath/ deathcore band (save the genre wars for another thread) so i purchased a 7 string ibanez from my local pawn shop and i need suggestions for a good amp (in the $400-$550 range) preferably something with more than 1 speaker and some good pedals to try out as well.
Being that you're new (Welcome to UG), you wouldnt know....

5150 or 6505

Probably, the 6505 will be cheaper

Used one of these but if you must have more than one speaker, there is a 2x12, but its costly.
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yepp 6505/5150, thats what everyone (including me) will recommend on here. i own one and its perfect for those styles, look into it man.
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+1 to the used 5150/6505 combos

going to be hard to find much better for that genre in that budget. Maybe an Ampeg ampeg vh140c?
Bugera 333xl is supposed to keep low end tight for 7 strings, but then you will need to save
thanks for the help guys. I am new to the ug forums but i've been playing for about 5 years (though the past 3 of those years has been spent playing bass). Up until recently i have been more into playing indie music (modest mouse is still my all time favorite band) so my fender practice amp has served me just fine for small coffee shop gigs and what not. I have another thread posted about new pickups for my ibanez 7 string in the Gear Building & Customizing fourm if anyone would like to help me out over there. any and all help is much appreciated