Here i have for sale my much loved Mesa Boogie 3 Channel 100w Dual Rectifier.

It is just about 2 years old from new and in perfect condition. Comes with slip on protective case, 3 channel footswitch with cover.

This Mesa has only ever been gigged 4 times and used in practice room. The volume switch has never been above 6

I don't need to tell you how amazing this bit of kit is, as im sure that if you're looking for one of these you will know all about how solid they are.

I'm after £1400 but open to sensible offers as i need a quick sale.

I'll be very sad to see it go, but due to a new job which involves extensive travelling i've had to quit the band and sell all my stuff.

I also have a marshall 4x12 cab, jackson dk2 dinky and a 3 month old from new boss tuner.

If anyone is interested please email craig_vaughan@tiscali.co.uk

Cheers guys
If you were in the U.S. i would definitely buy it, but the over-sea's shipping cost would be a lot
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