Hey hows it going all im new here i been reading the forums on here for quite a while now. I haven't really found any insight on what i want to know. So here goes hope i don't bore anyone but im really looking for some feedback.

Well im 22 years old i been playing guitar for 6 years im self taught taken it more seriously the last 3 i've improved over time steadily. Im really into hard rock, classic rock, bit of metal, mostly 80's GN'R, AC/DC, Skid Row some examples. Im more of a rhythm player and i want to get better at lead. I don't know anything really about music theory, although i have been learning all the notes on the neck and seeing how chords are named and or made but i don't really understand when it comes to scales which one would fit with which chord progression. I know my major/minor chords and my power chords, also minor pentatonic scales currently trying to learn major. I got my these techniques down: alternate picking, down picking, palm muting, artificial harmonics, natural harmonics, bending half/full steps,unison bending,vibrato, hamer ons, pull offs, double stops, sliding. Unless im forgeting something.... that's the extent of my technique. As far as being able to play songs by ear i can usually pick up on the chords in the songs but when it comes to solos i can kind of pick out the more or less what part of the neck their playing it at but can't pick up the whole solo. I've tried to learn songs from tab books i can get most of the rhythm parts and a couple of singe nots but i always have trouble with the solos. On the other hand when i have a riff or melody in my head i can usually get it on to guitar but i can never really expand it from there into a full song it's really frustrating.

Basically heres the other thing i want to seriously persue a career with guitar i just hope im not too old yet. The last couple years i've become more serious about it before work and other things got in the way and the thing is music is really important to me without it i wouldn't be here period!! It's givin me so much im very passionate about it. Ever since i was a little kid i always knew i wanted to do something with my hands just didn't know what?? Untill i picked up the guitar there was nothing elese like it i had played trumpet sax in elementry school but always gave up what i started but this is something i will always stick to.

I recently moved to Radolfzell, Germany from Fresno,California almost two months ago with my wife because she missed her familly and we decided it would be a better chance to make a living here. A little backgound anyway when i was in fresno i was jammed with a couple people before and tried one time jammed with a couple of guys
two years ago they wanted to put a band together a hard rock 80's type thing what im into. I was going for rhythm the guy playing lead was pretty good and younger than me 16 or 17 idk?? I tried to learn from him mabey pick up some new stuff improve a little idk?? But he mainly showed off and was basically a im too good to show other people stuff kind of guy just cause he was better than me and learned theory when he was a younger. And basically they didn't want me i guess casue i wasn't good enough for them. They always told me to come up with riffs i had stuff but wanted to keep for myself had a hard time coming up with something elese. Now here i am in Germany been looking to jam with people get better looking in news papers and nothing really except for this band for the last month i've been here a metal/gothic/pop/rock band consisting of a rhythm guitarist 30, a singer 26 and a drummer 33 and their looking for a lead guitar seems like there is barely a music scene over here. I used to go to shows and concerts back in Fresno. Id love to hit the band up up but im not good at lead so im kind of held back it's really frustrating... Idk where to start to get better what to practice how to become a better lead have no idea??

Honestly i would love to go to a music school but that's a nother problem i had in america like my wife she wanted to go to a UC college in america but there be no ****en way schools are sooo damn expensive it's depressing.... So basically that's why were here she has a better chance at going to university here shes got the brains. She was telling me that if i could get good i could basically audition at a music school for a scholarship and that would be amazing then i would be able to persue my dream!!! I don't care about all the things that come with making it as a musician to me it's about the music it's what i live for and i want to do this while im still young hope im not too old already.... because i remember a guy i used to work with in america in the walmart oil change shop always told me how he regreted not going for art he was an amazing artist he wished he atleast tried to do it. That was the most important thing and he told me the same to try but quite frankly that's where i need you guys to give me feedback what kind of steps should i take what should i practice??

Thank You Very much for reading my article i know it's long wasn't really sure how to get it out just pretty much telling it how it is. Hope it's not too confusing and you understand what im trying to say.

I'd say just work on learning the lead guitar in some of your favourite songs.
Take it slow and get everything down tight. That would probably help you a lot, just seeing how other people write lead guitar.

The next step would probably be to learn how to figure out what key you're in, a little simple theory. Then you can know what scales to use in songs, and you can start working on your own little lead parts

(I can not believe I read your whole post, must be the longest post in history!)
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Ya I know it's too long. I'm sorry about that just wasn't sure how to really get it out. And thank you all for your comments.
No offense but if you're already 22 and can't play a solo then there isn't much hope of a career for you
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If you are confident as a rhythm player, you already have most of what you need. Don't look at it as something entirely different and alien - there's no difference except you will likely be playing more melodic lines than power chords. The most important ability in any role is following a chord progression logically, and you will probably find that your ears will help you more than you expect. Start off by trying to play some melodies (even simple, constantly repeating ones - hell, they got Maiden popular enough) over a chord progression that you wrote, if you have the ability to record it. Start with a simple rhythm part - just the changing chords - and see what you come up with.

Once you have a general idea of what sort of things you enjoy hearing (you will know by deciding what you like and what you don't as you create it), try listening to some of your favorite music and really figure out what the guitarist(s) is/are doing. Reading a tab was a lot less helpful for me than listening to the song and learning it piece by piece, because I began to understand the writing process they used to write it as I slowly pieced it together myself.

The biggest mistake you can make is being afraid that you aren't good enough to write lead guitar. Don't wait until next week after you have learned all the solos to a whole album of Maiden or Metallica - that will not help you learn for yourself. Though it may give you more tools (skill) to write with, there is plenty of time for that as you continue to write for yourself.

In short - don't be afraid of it, and don't wait for something magic to happen in your ability. Get started now. Do it for fun whenever you get the urge, and don't worry about how bad it is. I have found that whenever I was bored with guitar it was invariably because I was trying at the time to learn specific techniques instead of just playing what I wanted to play. Don't fall into that trap and you will get where you want to be.

Good luck!
StewieSwan- i'm not saying that I can't play any solos i just have a hard time with learning and comming up with them.
dont listen to stewie swan the countless ammount of acomplished artists out there is proof enough that you dont need to be able to shred face melting solos to have hope for a career in music. in the 90's it was actually hard to find solos on most bands albums but there was no shortage of successful bands coming out. as long as you have something to say and a catchey tune to acompanie it people will listen. it sounds to me that you just need to put some serious focus on theory. keep at it man you'll get it just feel it and enjoy it and above all rock hard.
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No offense but if you're already 22 and can't play a solo then there isn't much hope of a career for you

When was the last time you heard Malcolm Young play a solo?
Solos are not essential to a career in playing the guitar.
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No offense but if you're already 22 and can't play a solo then there isn't much hope of a career for you

I forgot the cut off age was 18
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I forgot the cut off age was 18

The older you get, the less likely it gets that you'll be successful.

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When was the last time you heard Malcolm Young play a solo?
Solos are not essential to a career in playing the guitar.

No, but inability to play a solo shows a lack of technique and practice ethic, which throws pretty much any musical career besides making it in a famous band right out the window.
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it wouldn't surprise me if UG goes down within the next couple months, along with other privately owned sites

December 14, 2017