I have been playing guitar for 6 years im self taught taken it more seriously the last 3 i've improved over time steadily. Im really into hard rock, classic rock, bit of metal, mostly 80's GN'R, AC/DC, Skid Row some examples. Im more of a rhythm player and i want to get better at lead. I don't know anything really about music theory, although i have been learning all the notes on the neck and seeing how chords are named and or made but i don't really understand when it comes to scales which one would fit with which chord progression. I know my major/minor chords and my power chords, also minor pentatonic scales currently trying to learn major. I got my these techniques down: alternate picking, down picking, palm muting, artificial harmonics, natural harmonics, bending half/full steps,unison bending,vibrato, hamer ons, pull offs, double stops, sliding. Unless im forgeting something.... that's the extent of my technique.

My question is how would i develop my lead technique?? I want to make a career out of guitar how would i go about it maybe some insight??
Find your favorite lead guitarists. Break down their solos, figure out what kind of licks they use, where they apply them, why they sound good there, etc. Most guitarists have their own approach to playing/writing and the best way to approach it is to understand why they're doing it.

When approaching a chord progression, find out which chord/note the song 'resolves' to. Also, for the most effect, figure out which notes are in the chords. If you're approaching an Fmaj7 in the progression, the notes are F, A, C, E. Use the F major scale to highlight these four notes in particular as they accentuate the chord and simply sound 'right'. If it goes from that to Cmaj, switch over and play C, E, G.
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