Im looking into a Fender 62 Jazzmaster Reissue made in Japan.

Colour: Vintage White (Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish)
Body: Alder
Neck: Maple, “C” Shape, (Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish)
Fingerboard: Rosewood, 7.25 inch Radius (184mm)
No. of Frets: 21 Vintage Style Frets
Pickups: 2 Jazzmaster Single-Coil Pickups (Neck & Bridge)
Controls: “Lead” Circuit: Volume, Tone, “Rhythm” Circuit: Volume, Tone
3-Position Toggle Pickup Switch
2-Position Slide Tone Switch
Hardware: Chrome
Scale Length: 25.5 inches (648 mm)
Width at Nut: 1.650 inches (41 mm)
60’s Styling
Model Number: 027-7800-541

How do you think its compared to an AVRI or an MIM?

I have a JM66.
I don't know about the 62 reissue, but the pickups on these aren't actually Jazzmaster pickups. Rather, they're just strat coils in a JM pup cover (tall thin coils as opposed to short fat ones).

They're trebly, which is not always really such a bad thing. You can always replace the pups anyway.

EDIT: And build-wise, they're great. One of my most favourite guitars I have so far. However on my guitar it seems like the tremolo lock is broken, as I got it from the factory...Odd. Seems like a one-off thing though, I haven't noticed anyone else having the same problem (maybe I should go ask them if I could replace it...).
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Build quality and playability wise, on par with MIA.

Electronics are shite though, theyre just CIJ jag pickups under a bigger cover. Mostly the bridge pup that needs replacing though. Rewiring, wax potting, shielding are worth doing and not expensive.

^You need to set the trem lock up.
I dont believe it comes working stock.