I have a Mexican Fender Tele, the Jim Root model.

Since getting a better guitar and changing music style significantly I tried to switch this tele to C standard tuning (from E) by changing string guage and adjusting the action at the bridge.

Needless to say I ****ed it up and it is now horrible to play.

The whole guitar doesnt seem to sustain for as long, the notes sound somewhat 'tinny', i feel like i can sometimes hear wierd harmonics going on almost like two notes playing at the same time when I'm only picking one.

When tapping I get an abysmal noise where two notes sound when i tap only one. Dont even know why - it seems to stop when i mute the string I am tapping on.

What have I actually done?
Any advice on what I can do in the meantime before I get it set up professionally?
Theres nothing i coulld think of right now, i guess you just have to tough it out till you get it set up again :/

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you've f'ked it up kiddo.

i'd reccomend reverting it all back to e standard tuning by re-adjusting the saddles, truss rod, intonation... everything.

just don't do it too quickly as you might damage something such as the neck with the truss rod.

it'll probably be the safest thing you can do for now.
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You probably need to adjust your intonation as well, and with the lower tuning there is less string tension so the truss rod most likely needs to be tweaked also. The thicker strings might not be sitting in the bridge saddles or the nut correctly, either. Might need a new nut, or have it and the saddles filed. You might be better off taking it to a shop, but make sure it is someone who knows what they are doing.
it's the nut. You get a sitar-like harmonic sound because it's vibrating in the nut slot, when it should be making solid contact with it. string gauge, you never specified, so I cant tell for sure.

if you tap a note and let go right away youre going to get the note from the vibrations of the string between the nut and the fret you tapped.

I cant believe this wasnt the first answer
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