This is my first song ive recorded, i made it up last night, its very influenced by bands such as foo fighters, radiohead, definetly pink floyd and older classic rock.

Its really a 3 part song, the first verses are slow and mellow, the pre chorus picks things up, and the chorus stays melodic but is powerful. It then has a solo, then another chorus and then another solo with an outro reprise of the introduction.

I hope you like it! Tell me what you think, im not normally a singer. All parts done by me, i think it would sound alot better with drums.

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I'm really really digging this man. The beginning sounds like a fuse of some beatles progressions, ala Something, and then with some Gilmour-ish slides in to give it the appropriate feeling to match your vocals (which the processed effects work rather well in most parts)

It picks up really well in the middle, and the solo is perfectly timed. The transition to the outro was a bit abrupt, but I like the vibe it has. It wraps up the song rather nicely, in a pigs on the wing type of way.

I'd really like to hear any other originals you have.
Thanks alot, for that ye, i draw massive inspiraton from beatles and pink floyd. Animals LP influenced me alot. Thankyou for the kind words, i will be working on more originals and will show you sometime if your interested. This is only really a rough cut.
Really digging your voice. Very smooth, relaxing, and somewhat haunting all at once. I wish the acoustic was recorded better. Some of the guitar parts overpowered the vocals a bit too much. (Like around 1:42). The solo was incredible. Very nice playing. I like the tone. Nothing seemed off there. Same with the second solo. Absolutely great. How long did it take to write both solos? The outro is very nice. I agree that it was a it of an abrupt change, but I really like it.

I was thinking about getting someone else to sing it, but thanks for kind words.
Well i wrote the lyrics two nights ago, and then made a melody kinda of quickly the next morning which is the verses at the start. The solos were just a spur of the moment thing, just layed some chords now and improvised on top of them.

Ye the outro was actually a recording prior to the real recording and i liked it alot so just stuck it at the end, that's why it sounds very abrupt.
Critting as I listen:
Definetly a Pink Floyd feeling from the beginning, the slides are brilliant!
Your voice is very soothing, awesome. The acoustic guitar would sound better if it were more distant IMO. It's pretty in your face, while your vocals and slides are very ambiant and calming.
The passage that starts at 1:48 is very cool. You can try to harmonise there, eather a backing vocal or make the guitar follow your voice. It would sound much richer and layered IMO. Your voice here kind of reminds me of Gnarls Barkley on Crazy
The solo is awesome, nice lead sound.
Overall it sounds great and very memorable theme's, which is always important.
Maybe try and add some sort of strings or bass to fill op the song.
All in all very well written.

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don't like the voice at all. Acoustic guitar is too loud compared to the rest of the track. Otherwise, very pink floydish



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thanks for the crit
critting as I go:
I like the double tracked vocals (or harmonized or something)
Slide is a very nice touch
overall the song has a great buildup and feels like it has direction, which is something you don't see in a lot of music. I think this would sound great with some drumming too. Light at first and have it pick up.

Leads are freakin awesome
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man, something about your voice is particularly addictive, i really like it. you've processed the vocals really well too. the song is clearly directly influenced by the beatles, and i think it has really good progression throughout. the only crit i can give is that you should possibly decrease the volume of the acoustic guitar.

good work!

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There was some background noise being recorded with the acoustic. Did you have any fans or air conditioners running that might have tainted the recording?

The song gets much better and more modern sounding at the 2 min mark. You seem to be able to hold a tune and I like the overdubbing, but it does sound a bit amateurish. If you want to stick with that kind of sound, then keep tweaking it until it sounds professional.

The song does sound a bit outdated. Mainly because your influences are pretty outdated sound-wise as well. (Not implying that they don't still kick ass however ) Try diversifying your interests a bit.

Hope this helps

This has potential, you could add some reverb to the vocals, they sound really dry to my ears. You also could add bass and drums to make it sound fuller and maybe some strings in the verses. Has someone has already said, I also think that the guitar is a little too loud in the mix.

Nevertheless this is a great tune, keep'em coming!
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Hey man - good effort.

How did you record your accoustic guitar? I'd look at trying to play a little more consistantly. And I'd add come compression and tweek the eq settings some. Also, I'd look at double tracking and even mutitracking the acoutsic to make it sound fuller and warmer. Lastly, maybe place the guitar more in the mix - the guitars tend to overpower the vocals.

I can't really comment on the vocals as I'm not a vocalist.

The solo is pretty good, but you could stand to vary it a bit more in my opinion.

Good job.
I really like the production and the slide guitar. I agree with other people with the whole Beatles comparisons.

One criticism: The acoustic guitar sounds too "bright" on the higher strings.

I think the vocals are the right level in the mix and the guitar solo sounds great; nice tone on the guitar and I like the wah-wah stuff