Hi all,

I have been playing guitar on and off for about 12 years now however I only had a teacher for the first few years and since then my learning hasn't been very directed. As such I have noticed that my solos contain the same riffs on the same small collection of pentatonic scales, my theory is awful and my playing has stayed at the same level for the past few years.

I can't get a teacher as I can't afford it and I am moving to a different country soon so is there any suggestions as to try and get myself back on track and back enjoying playing like I once did?! I am roughly grade 5/6.


pretty simple get out of your comfort zone and try something totally different. find some new scales or try jazz or country tunes. change won't come overnight but if you add new elements to your playing it will come.
I was the same way, i only knew minor pentatonic. Just pick up a scale book or check youtube for various scales and learn all your modes and how they work and you will be able to play anywhere on your neck. Also another good thing to do to advance your playing is to play with other musicians..

playing with other musicians advances your playing 10x faster than just playing in your bedroom.
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Same thing happened to me. So I started to learn different scales and styles. It worked great.
Have you tried Enzyte? It helped Smilin' Bob get his mojo back...
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Same thing happened to me. So I started to learn different scales and styles. It worked great.

This worked great for me as well
Get yourself in a band and you will feel more inspired to play and you will improve without thinking about it .
watch some tuition videos on youtube, they take you through riffs by some of the top guitar players.

work through some tabbed solos of your favourite lead breaks

play with other people!
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get a good teacher...notice the key word good. And that was a big mistake not to learn theory because if you dont later you'll end up with the same blues licks that you cant get out of. youtube isn't enough to advance you and guide you.

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Try spicing it up and learning some different types of things. I feel like I'm sorta in the same boat, but just for not as long
Dude, this an extremely common issue that most artists, musicians, and writers deal with and adjust to during their career. Recognition of a possible stagnation and repetition in your style indicates that 1.) you DO have recognized style, and its unique to YOU! So good job! and 2.) that you have an urge to get even better and that's a very important quality to have.

With that said, be more cognizant and aware when you play. Expand, play different things and different places on the fretboard and in ways you never have before... you might hit some off notes, but you will become better quickly and overtime, and soon you will have conquered this all too common worry.
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