I play in a rock covers band and we also play some funk and blues.
I have a 100 watt Marshall TSL 122 Valve Combo.

Though I've been playing and gigging for over 35 years, I'm almost 48, I'm getting a bit fed up lugging my amp around late at night and have been casually thinking about getting something else, a bit lighter and easier to handle but loud enough to be heard over the drums etc.

My amp doesn't go through the PA, and I wondered what amps you guys might recommend and what 'wattage' is considered loud enough to play pubs and small clubs, with a price that is around £250 - £300.
The only features I'd still like is an FX loop, built in reverb and a 'crunch' channel.

Of course, I could just put some wheels on it............! lol

Any advice would be most welcome.
Errr... you'd need something in the range of approx 15 - 25 watts, depending on how badly your drummer hates his kit?

I'm inclined to recommend amps like the Hayden Mofo 30, Mesa TransAtlantic 15 (that rig is portable), Blackstar HT20, Egnater Rebel 20... but I think they're outta yer budget.

Maybe a Bugera V22? I think that just might be in your budget... I think.

Or maybe save up more... and get an Anacon Technology Zagray! (Yes, the "!" is part of the amp's name).
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If you'd be willing to go used you can find some blackstar ht-20 or ht-40 in your price range. Check out gumtree perhaps?
Thanks very much for your really quick replies, definitely some food for thought there. I knew I could rely on this forum, cheers!
My buddy plays nightclubs with a Rebel 20 and a 2x12 cab. But he still drapes a mic in front and sends a feed to the PA.
I'd recommend a blackstar ht-40. Would suit you well.
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^ Yeah you are likely to need to go used for the higher wattage Blackstars, but if that not a problem then they are a good shout!

Have a look into some of the older Laney's too, seeing as you are in UK. I have a Laney TT50 which is really versatile. I play mostly classic rock / 80's Metal / NWOBHM / to some more modern metal. I find it a little - how can I explain - not warm enough for bluesier stuff but I think it is really versatile.

My practice amp is the Blackstar HT1 which I find absolutely great. The higher wattage Blackstars are even better IMO.

Otherwise I would suggest some used Fenders / Traynors / possibly Bugera (but I can't remember the appropriate model).

EDIT: After re-reading your budget you may need to add a little to your funds for my suggestions! D'oh! Apologies!
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Thanks again for all your replies, guess I'll have to get a paper round now too lol Seriously there are some great suggestions there. Blackstar looks to be a good bet. I use a Gibson Les Paul Standard, Gibson ES 335 and an Epiphone Les Pual Standard, but I might start using a Strat soon too. I think 40 watts would be just perfect. I'm really grateful thanks to everyone.