As I'm progressing in learning chords and changing more quickly between them, I decided to start learning some songs.

The FIRST SONG I EVER LEARN will (probably) be "Hero of War" by Rise Against.

Just 1 problem; Because I'd like to record it, I'd really like to have a backing track with everything on it except for the guitar stuff...

I've been looking around the interwebs but haven't found anything yet.

Any suggestions as to where I might find it ?
If you are uploading it on youtube, be sure that you play it really good or else you should expect mean comments. Or wait to upload anything until you are more experienced and are playing better.

But if you not are able to find any backingtracks the original tune works as well. Just turn down the volume of it a bit so that your playing is what it's focused on and what you mostly hear. Good luck!
Thanks for your advice.

Of course I'll only be uploading it to Youtube when (or if) I get it down completely

I hope I can show it to you in a few weeks maybe ...
Youtube cover people usually make the backing track themselves. I suggest just go for the guitar and vocals =) It sounds much more nice!
You could always track down an acoustic performance of the song and use that as a backing track. If you decide to do that, make sure you give credit where credit is due, because copyright infringement is a HUGE deal.
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Good luck! Some people on YouTube are mean. Don't take it harshly. Most destructive negative comments are from people who aren't much good themselves. I'd say definitely just turn down the volume on the original recording. It'd also be cool if u just did an acoustic and vocal video. Your singing can't be worse than mine and I survive on YouTube