I know it seems early but im going to be getting another guitar for christmas and im not really sure what to get. The budget is around £700 (might be able to stretch to £800) I already own a Lonestar Deluxe Strat which is amazing, but im looking for something a little different e.g a different tone and feel. So please, give me you're suggestions!!


Genres- Indie, blues, rock, glam rock, some metal
Amp- Peavey Vypyr 30
I am willing to buy used
And yes i am in the UK ;D
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Get a tube amp instead, your guitar is fine. But if you HAVE to get a new guitar, then try out a Gibson sg classic.
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I would get a tube amp but impatient me decided to by the vypyr earlier in the year, but if im lucky i may be able to get a small tube amp with the guitar