So this me on guitar and my friend playing the drums, tell me what you think and constructive criticism would be appreciated <link removed>
This should probably be moved to the Cover section

But, ill crit anyways
Cover wasnt bad, actually quite good

Couple things that need improvements:
Bass drum in the mixing is not present (or barely, didnt listen with headphones on)
Sounded like you took some notes out of the solo
And guitar needs to be a little louder in the mix, the drum sometimes over power the guitar

but you guys have the song down, most of it is just the mixing which is really difficult anyways. But keep up the good work!

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Toms need fine-tuning, and with headphones, I could baaarely hear the kick.

Guitar needs to be brought up like 3db. Toms really are a bit more present in the mix than everything, actually.

If you aren't micing everything, then try to position whatever you use for a mic in front of the kit, aimed towards the kick, a little low to the ground.

Bend towards the end of the first (melodic) section of the solo was flat.

The tone was pretty good from what I heard though You really nailed that "almost video-game"-like lead tone on the album. Playing was quite good as well.
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