I've always wanted a explorer shaped guitar, and now i can finally afford a Gibson explorer.
I'm thinking of either a Black & White Gibson explorer or the Vampire blood moon (cheesy name i know).
I've never had the chance to play either one of these so i'm asking if you guys/girls have any experience with these guitars?
The ones I've played were surprisingly balanced in terms of weight. I haven't actually played the new series, but they couldn't have changed much over the years.

My advice to you would be to try to play one before you take the plunge if at all possible. It's much better to try it first hand than rely on people's opinions.
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I've played a few. Awkward sitting down, as you could imagine. But probably the best balanced guitar standing up I've ever played. The neck was pretty fast and had easy access to the upper frets as well. As far as sound, I wasn't really able to dable with it too much, unfortunately. Otherwise, I really liked the Gibson.
I really liked all the gibson explorers i played. they sit very comfotably in my lap, have pretty good fret acsess and nice necks
They are amazing guitars. I love the way they feel sitting down. I played a Gibson Korina Explorer yesterday through a H&K TriAmp MKII at the GC in Boston, and it was glorious haha. Little hard to solo for some reason but that's probably because I wasn't used to said guitar
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i like them...it wasnt uncomfortable to play sitting down....it kinda fits you your body, and you get like a little armrest with the wing.

the only thing is i dont understand why its a 1400dollar guitar....doesnt seem that special to me....should b like 800tops

and as far as the vampire moon one...i prefer mahogany and ebony fretboard to swamp ash and rosewood....although it is kinda cool, id go with thte classic
Explorers are good guitar and well generally sound good. I prefer bigger necks so the ones I've played have been good for me. I would go for the Gibson if that's what you saved for. I saved for a Les Paul for ages and I got one and now I have it I know it was woth saving for and dreaming about :L
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Playing them has been a unique experience for me. i always play the same on when i go into my local samash. its an absolute joy to play. it has a very vintage feeling neck....very rounded and small but not to thick to shred. only complained is upper fret access.....well just the last 2 frets but thats pretty important to me. otherwise i love the stock pickups and how the thing sounds.
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Phenomenal sound, plays well, good balance...no complaints really...I love mine
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Personal preference. Just because you think it looks good doesn't mean you'll like it. Some people don't like the feel of vintage guitars worth $300 000! I reccomend you play one first
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Personal preference. Just because you think it looks good doesn't mean you'll like it. Some people don't like the feel of vintage guitars worth $300 000! I reccomend you play one first

I know it's an old thread and this problem's probably already been solved but this is a really true statement. I LOVE the way the ESP F series looks but none of them feel right to me.
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