Here's the deal:

I've got an Ibanez RG7321. I really like the feel of the instrument and it's really fun to play on. However, the stock pups aren't really doing it for me. They're passable, but I'm looking at possibly starting to play live more and definitely recording more, so I'd like to get a hold of some pups to improve my sound.

I play a lot of progressive metal, especially classically inspired metal and djent (yes, I'm one of them).

I'd really like a neck pup that will give me a warm, even sound even with large amounts of distortion and compression. The one in my guitar right now isn't really high enough output and it doesn't have particularly even response across the neck. I've been looking at the DiMarzio Liquifire 7 and the D-Activator on the neck. How does that compare to other similarly designed and priced neck pickups? Any recommendations for other pups to look at for my neck?

I haven't really looked much at bridge pups, but I'd like something that can handle (again) high gain and lots of distortion while still maintaining clarity for each note. I'd like something with good output. The DiMarzio Crunch Lab looks pretty good to me, but I'd like some second opinions. How does it stack up against other pickups in the price range?

Keep in mind that I prefer passive pickups to actives, so I'd prefer to avoid those.

Lundgren M-7 for the bridge would be tasty. I have an M-6 and it sounds awesome. Maybe look at some Bareknuckles as well?
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Seymore Duncan makes 7-String Blackouts now, check those out!!
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I'm in the same boat with my RG1527 and its a toss up between the Crunchlab and Barknucle Aftermath for the bridge and as for the neck I'm thinking Liquifire if i get the Crunchlab and maybe a cold sweat or miracle man in the neck.

decisions decisions....
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Depending on your budget, i would go with Lundgrens or some BareKnuckles, 100% worth it just do some research. =D
BKP Cold Sweat is the best neck pickup I've ever tried, its so smooth for leads and pairs well with a lot of pickups. As for getting a BKP bridge it really depends on what tone your after since their are so many options. Basswood is quite a neutral wood so you can't really go wrong with any of them.

Crunch Lab/Liquifire is a favorite among 7 stringers. I'm getting an RG1527 and putting them in it soon. I've also really liked the sound of the Blaze Custom and D-Sonic in the bridge.
I'm really leaning towards the Liquifire/Crunch Lab combo. If I had the money, I'd go for the BKPs, but I'm on a $200 budget right now.
can't go wrong with bkp for djent but the dimarzios should work too
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I'm really leaning towards the Liquifire/Crunch Lab combo. If I had the money, I'd go for the BKPs, but I'm on a $200 budget right now.

i would highly suggest a d sonic (or crunchlab, haven't used it personally but i know its a similar sounding pickup), my d sonic sounds really good in my ibanez, gives the guitar a really clear heavy sound

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