Here's another progressive song I have composed. It's made up from two chapters: Lake of Fears (the metal song) and Hope (the atmospheric (?) song).

There's meant to be long silence between these songs (with some effects/speech maybe), but I cut Hope to continue just after Lake of Fears to make it more practical to listen.

EDIT: Version 2 posted!

Changes made:
- Added variations to drums (I'm not drummer, so I didn't do anything amazing)
- Updated guitar solo to better one (I think)
- Renamed parts to riffs
Lake of Fears _ Hope.zip
Lake of Fears_Hope_v2.zip
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I listen to a lot of progressive death like Gorguts, Martyr, Death etc. However I have to say that this sounds WAY too random. It doesn't sound evil at all almost, neither does it sound random in a jazzy or twisted way. I bet it sounds better in real life, I just don't like the riffs at all here. Gorguts still sounds coherent in an odd way, this is just like random notes picked up that are still somewhat playable. I'd still like to hear it recorded but it doesn't sound that good in guitar pro tbh. The drums could really do with some more variation also, it's basically just hitting the snare on every beat during the entire song.
I actually don't listen to a lot of progressive death metal but I really like this and it wasn't very random at all.
Lake of fears was great, it had an evil atmosphere. I do think the drums need a litte variation though, like the user above me said the snare is just hitting every beat. Might need some blasting or whatever.
I sorta skipped trough Hope but I liked it (from what I listened to)
i like progressive metal, and still i think that Pingis_Or_Death right...this is too random, i couldnt finnish lake of fears!!
dude i really hated the solo haha , specially the second half of it, the first half is cool, then i really got pissed sorry
But i really like part5 a lot! and part6 is also cool
Hope is cool i liked it a lot, it go my attention all the way, nice drumming ..

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Lake of Fears does not seem to random to me. It reminds me of a cool combination of Obscura, Death, and old Cynic. I got to say part 6 was really epic and how it built up into the solo was really cool, but the solo itself could've been a bit better.
Hope is also a good kind of contrasting section to Lake of Fears. An idea I would probably do is bring back the part 6 theme when Hope ends and end it with that.