Why is it that when I record my guitar with distortion it sounds all computery. In person it sounds fine. My amp is a Fender Mustang 1 and it's a modelling amp. So any way to solve this problem, thanks
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I put a mic that's hooked to my computer in front of my amp.

What kind of mic are you using?

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a guitar hero one :P
That's going to be a problem. For serious recording you will want a professional microphone (even a budget one) and an audio interface.

Furthermore, an over-distorted guitar will sound fizzy and buzzy and un-heavy; try backing off a little on the gain.

Even furthermore, if you are using a 'super scooper' tone setting with no mids, how do you plan on getting that to mix in with a bass guitar/kick drums and cymbals/vocals? (If you are not, disregard)
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If it's a modeller do you have a direct out? Headphone out? Anything?

DI will get you a lot further than a cheap mic.

Besides if you do get a mic + interface you might as well record DI, too, if you can. It won't hurt you to have two different tracks of the same performance. Mixing them will make them heavier and it will allow them to stand out in the mix - a double bonus!

Getting heavy guitar to sound good is truly an art.
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Direct out? Do you mean like a way to hook it up to the computer? Because it has a USB thing and I can hook it up if that's what you mean.
Completely failed to notice it's a Mustang... yeah you should be able to use it to record through USB with the cab emulation and everything. That's why it came with Ableton Live Lite!
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Yeah but to use Ableton Live it says I need a serial number which I don't have, or maybe I do. IDK!!!!!!
It should have been on a card with your amp. Anyways, if you can't find that, you can maybe get Reaper or something. And here, read this:


The Fender® Mustang™are capable of recording audio into DAW (digital audio workstation) software applications such as Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender Edition (included with the Fender Mustang amps). In order to record sound in to your computer, you will need to have a playback device installed. The Fender Mustang amps provide audio recording only, and not playback. You can use your built in sound device or a third-party device for your playback. Please check with the manufacturer of that device for correct installation and set-up. In order to use the Fender Mustang amp with your Windows computer, you will need to install the Fender ASIO driver. Once you have installed this driver, you can use the DAW software of your choice, and select the Fender Mustang amp as the input or record device. You will then select your chosen playback device for playback.

When using the Fender Mustang with your Mac computer, you can simply plug in the amp, and select it as the record device in your DAW software. When using a Mac, there are no drivers necessary. You will want to select either the built playback or a device of your choice for playback.
Ibanez AS93
Fender Marauder
Vox Pathfinder 15R
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