My band has just started gigging, and we've been trying to contact all the venues that we can in our area to get gigs. The thing is, we're having a hard time getting anyone to come out. And now I'm beginning to realize that because we have a gig planned every weekend for a month, less people are coming to each gig because they could just go see us the following week.

We booked all these gigs with the idea in mind to get our name out there as much as possible, but now we see that people don't come out to venues unless you really push them to do it. There's definitely no one there to see us who we didn't ask to come out.

So should we be booking less gigs or what?
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have a better live show or different things in different gigs

the people probably arent showing up becasue they are seeing the same thing at every gig and are getting used to it
try having new material at some gigs or maybe take a break from gigging for ashort while
do a few different covers or something each gig to make people come and see what different things you can do rather than the same thing each week.

you could also interact with the audience more to make people like you and want to pay to see you again.
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Also, spread your seed. Play shows in the whole area around you, not just in your town or in the nearest major town. You can't really get your name out if you're throwing it at the same few-hundred people in a certain area.

I think the effect here is also that you have people coming to shows because they're your friends rather than genuinely being fans of the music. Go out and actively advertise some demo or your facebook link or whatever, and get the real fans. The ones that come up every weekend to see you, they're the ones you want to keep happy. Better to have 50 fans at every single show you play than 100 one night and 3 another.
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you can never have too many gigs, but you can have too many gigs to close to each other. ideally in my mind you should find about 7-8 venues (a reasonable goal) and cycle through them in a month or so, hitting each one every 2-3 weeks.

Find the venue you consider your "home base" and hit that one 2 times a month. Then find a few more venues in your state, farther away, and try to get a gig at those twice a month. Then find a venue or two out of state that you could start building a fan base there. After a few months, you can hopefully keep expanding out of state, while still cycling through your current venues.
yeah, like Hail said, you should branch out a little more. Don't give the impression to the local venues that you can't draw a crowd. Play about biweekly or monthly in your local town. Then travel a bit to get your name out of your local area.

Also, you might try catering to a different market. Try to get gigs at places with built in crowds (i.e. small bars and pubs). It's really a drag for people to have to pay money and go to a venue just to see bad local music. You have to get all high pressure just to sell tickets and get people out. Who wants that really? Your band is a source of exhaustion to people this way.

If people can just go to a bar where the goal is to socialize then they will be more receptive and people will associate positive experiences with your act. That's how the coolest bands in my area worked, circumventing the whole battle of the bands type things.
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