I've always really loved the sound of accented notes. It reminds me of a less ear piercing type of pinch harmonic. Unfortunately i don't exactly know the technique to performing accented notes. Sometimes i can perform them by sort of mimicking the pinch harmonic technique.

I don't know too much about accenting but any information and advice would be appreciated.
The kind of accents i'm going for are similar to:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UvyvpmMDHg (Skip to 5:00). There's a lot of accenting in the solo.

Thank you (:

EDIT: Sorry, I realise this doesn't make the best of sense. I was hoping someone could catch onto what i'm so poorly trying to explain? Judging by the responses i could possibly have the whole idea of accented notes completely wrong.

YET ANOTHER EDIT: The particular parts i'm referring to were 5:08, 5:18, 5:20, 5:32.
It doesn't sound like a sound generated from amp settings at all but definitely picking technique. It doesn't sound so much like a pinch harmonic, but if it is.. then i have no idea how one plays a pinch harmonic sounding like that.
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I'm quite confused by this.
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not sure what you mean by the technique to play accented notes

I don't know too much what i'm talking about either. I was hoping someone would have a good knowledge of accenting and would be able to catch onto what i'm so poorly trying to explain :C
Not sure what part of that solo you meant, but when you are accenting a note you are playing it harder. If you're using a flatpick you're stricking the note you want to be accented with a stronger pick struck.
All I heard were a few bends and pinch harmonics among other things in the solo @ 5:00.
I'm also not sure what you are talking about accenting.

Edit: Yeah just read your edit with the times.
Those are just bends.
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Yup, those are just bends.
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