The outlets in my room only have 2 prongs, not the 3rd grounding one which are more common now adays...with my small practice amp, (which has 3 prongs) i just put an adapter on the end of the power chord so it would fit and I never worried about grounding...I've done this for years and have had no problems

my question is that now I have a bigger, 60 watt amp, would it be safe for me to do the same thing, just throw on an adapter so that I can play my amp in my room?

Up until this point I've made the point of playing it through a grounded outlet elsewhere in my house. Also, I do have a surge protector, but again I need to use the 2 prong adapter so it will fit in the outlets in my room, and so its not grounded....
Yeah, you kinda need that ground prong in case the amp shorts. If it's a tube amp, and the power tubes blow, it'll most likely fry the amp cause it wont be able to ground anywhere.

I think you should update your wall sockets, aren't two prong wall sockets not in line with building code anymore? You should at least have 3 prong plugs, if not a GDIF protected circuit.
Any time you use a grounded appliance with an adapter and not properly attaching the ground wire of the adapter, you are creating a potential shock hazard. Typically adapters have a wire that is supposed to be attached to a screw on the outlet box. But you need to make sure the outlet box is grounded and you need a multimeter to do that.

Make sure you never use it in bare feet on a concrete or tile floor. That's the worst scenario for a shock.
In a lot of older houses, the outlets are still grounded even though there is no 3rd prong on the outlet. That's why those little 3to2 prong adapters have a metal piece near where the 3rd prong should be. It's intended to be screwed to the outlet itself. Behind the outlet cover, the housing of the outlet should be grounded. Screw the metal tab from the adapter to it and you should be grounded (I recommend killing the breaker before doing this...should your screwdriver go astray). My folk's house was like this. If your outlets aren't grounded, it's potentially hazardous and I would have an electrician ground it for you. Although I'm sure many, many people have used these adapters on ungrounded outlets and lived to tell about it
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