A few weeks ago, I submitted a combined guitar and bass tab for Say OK by The Lost Colors. However, the tab i submitted was lacking a guitar solo in the beginning and a bass solo in the bridge. Due to the nature of the song, I later figured it would be best to submit the solos separately and link them to the main song page.

I then submitted an intro tab to the song and had it rejected. I then realized that I was starting to look like someone who was just trying to boost his rank by submitting small tabs. So what I decided to do was to create a bass tab and turn my submitted tab into a guitar only tab.

I submitted the bass tab that included the bass solo, witch I had worked out a few days before. Later that day, is submitted the guitar tab, which included the into solo, and more details to the verses. The tab looked a lot different when i was done.

here is the guitar tab.

And I attached what the bass tab was.

So, what I would like to know is, why was the bass tab rejected?