i recently finished making a 7 true bypass looper, but in finding a few problems with it even though i did it like the guy here: http://www.singlecoil.com/tb-strip/tbstrip.html except without the stereo in/out, wet/dry, and tuner out. it also has in a built in buffer at the beginning of it.
i cut back on the grounding because its a metal box and they all should be commonly grounded to it already. the stomps are grounded to the box too.
now the problem..
im finding that when i put an overdrive pedal in my strip, the volume of the pedal is lowered a ton, unless i use it all the way at the last stomp switch, which puts it in the wrong spot in my signal change.
Is this Because i didnt ground all the mono jack specifically or is this a sign of bad soldering joints? or something else completely? what other tests should i do to try and narrow it down to the real problem?
Even though ground is passed to all the jacks through the enclosure, I still always run ground to all the sleeve lugs of each jack. If one comes loose that loop will stop working if you don't. Better safe than sorry.

Plug a patch cable into the send and return of the loop in question and test if the signal comes out the output jack at proper volume.

I found the best thing to have when making multiple loop pedals is an audio probe. You can follow the signal through all the wiring/switching and see exactly where the signal dies.
i tried putting a cable through the send and back intro the return and they're all the same volume, its just wierd how only the last jack works for the overdrive. all the other ones work with delay, reverb and trem pedals..
ill try and figure out how to make a audio probe and test it to see if the signal dies anywhere, and ground everything like im supposed to.