Well, as you may have seen a while back, I've got a nice new axe:

It's all very wonderful, but I've been planning a pickup swap ever since I bought it (this is where the issues start). The bad news is it's currently got 3 minihumbuckers. The good news is that it has HHH routing so if I change the pickguard I can have whatever I want.

So my first question:

What does everyone think of a mahogany body/maple neck guitar with
Bridge = Bare Knuckle Rebel Yell
Neck = Seymour Duncan YJM Fury (Bridge for Neck?)

Will they sound good with those woods? Will outputs match close enough?

My second question:
I'm going to need a new pickguard. Does anyone know the best place for me to get a pickguard blank (UK) or one pre routed for pickups

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As far as I'm aware, the pickups should have about the same output

and i would try 'Axesrus' for a pickguard
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