I dont know why but I have been missing my bass for a while now. I used to have a Schecter stiletto custom 5 with an acoustic B200. I loved it but me and my stupid G.A.S. made me sell them and get guitar stuff. I would love to get any suggestions you might have because school hasnt started yet and I have way too much time to look into models and brands and whatnot. Right now I have my eye on the stiletto studio and there is also a Ibanez SR1000 that is a decent price. Alot of basses seem quite versatile which is what I'm looking for. I do love heavy music but I would also love to tap into jazz, funk,etc. I will only buy used unless the new price is the same as for the budget? Its whatever, just depends on the quality to price ratio really. Pretty much anything in the range of $400-$600 maybe more if its worth it. Im an avid ebay and craigslist user and I can always find a good deal. Anyway thanks for your help!
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