I was at the local GC this weekend started playing a few GIbson Sg's. I have to say I found the best sounding one to be the 61 reissue. It's a little hard to justify the $800 premium to go from the SG standard to the 61 reissue. What are other people's opinion? I play mostly rock( G N R, Metallica, Def Leppard, etc). I also play some bands like TOOL. Should I just bite the bullet and buy the 61 reissue?
If you like the 61 enough, you should buy it, plain and simple.
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Did you find the feel of the neck different? Apparently, they're supposed to have slightly different necks. So, if you found them different, which one did you like more? You can always upgrade pickups and such..
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The 61 has a slimmer neck and higher quality pickup aswell cosmetically they have a half pickguard rather than the full one on the standard. I love Sg's and i also had the same problem you are now when i bought mine. Why the $800 its mostly for the reissue. What i did was buy a Standard and upgraded the pickups (even better than the 61's and suits my playing style) but if you really love the slimmer neck then your going to have to pay the extra money. To me $600 (minus $200 i spent on pickups) was not worth the half pickguard and the slimmer neck. But it is your decision.
What's the biggest discount anyone has seen on the 61? GC has a 10% offer but they run that a lot. Do they do 15 or 20%
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Jwoodbury i seen 30% off but if you read the small print all big name manufactors including Gibson/Epihpne have choosen not to particiapate which makes it more marketing than a sale. Here is the list please note the 100 some manufactoring companies http://www.guitarcenter.com/couponexclusions.

If you go into a store and just politely keep asking and say you can't quite afford it but if they give you the voucher value ie 15% then you'll buy it and they'll take the money off and let you use the voucher. I've known some american friends just do that, sometimes they don't even question it to begin with.
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