I'm thinking of wiring a guitar with 3 pickups without a pickup switch. The plan is that I'll be able to use it in the studio to blend all the pickups together, with the advantage that I can use varying amounts of all three of them.

Now, 2 questions . . . .

1. Is it possible to wire all three in the same way that you'd wire a normal 1 vol, 1 hum circuit, just with three of them (so three pickups all wired the same way and then all wired to the jack on their seperate wires)

2. With all of them turned to 10 would the output be higher than normal wiring? I'm concerned that it will react differently with amps and things, though I suppose the point of a recording guitar with different sounds is that it will do different things to other guitars. =D
The coils will react with each-other. You're putting inductive loads in parallel, which would yield a lower volume if each pickup is mixed equally. The volume will not be constant.

It will be much louder using 1 pickup at full volume rather than having each at full volume.
so how is that any different from having a switch? it's not. you dont hear a volume difference with a strat's singles when two are 'switched on' so i don't see why this is any different. if anything, the volume level would increase a bit, as the total inductance of paralell coils is less than the smallest inductance, as with resistors. lower inductance=lower inductive reactance (and coil resistance)=lower resistance to the AC signal. if the coils are identical, the total L of them in paralell would be HALF of the value of 1 coil alone.
I suppose if you include phase cancellation. My bass has 2 single coils that are wired to a potentiometer. I sweep between the two and the center point just so happens to be the quietest.
why don't you put in 3 mini on off switches? that way you could still switch on the fly in a live situation.
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Or a blender pot, which would do exactly what you want to do in the studio...
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You could probably get more versatile tone with a series/parallel switch or spin-a-split pot. Is this a SSS HSS HSH or HHH guitar?
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If you wire the volumes like a standard diagram shows you, the volume controls will interact with oneanother. Like how in a les paul, with the switch in the middle the neck volume effects the bridge volume and vice versa.

So you can get around that by switching around two wires on each volume pot. Instead of connecting all the wipers together as hot, connect the outer cw lugs as hot to the output. Then connect the pickup hot wires to each volume pot's wiper. Hopefully that's clear enough to make sense