Hi there,

I'm interested in getting a loop pedal but don't have a clue how to use one. I play an electro-acoustic guitar and have never really used pedals before. I literally know nothing.

I want to create loops with my guitar and my voice and various other noises I can make. I guess I'd need a microphone (obviously) to pick up sounds and a cable to hook my guitar up to the pedal. Do I need to play through an amp to use the pedal? I've watched a few demos of loop pedals but everyone seems to have so much equipment I don't know where to start!

Also can recommend a loop pedal that's good for beginners, not TOO expensive and not too rubbish?

I realise I'm in over my head here but any help you guys can give me would be awesome.

I just got one the other day, and it's just great-
I think they go for just over GPB100 on ebay.

You will need something to output the sound, so yes, you definitely need an amp. Not necessarily anything fancy though - if you're hoping to gig with it, you can just run into the venue's PA.

Yes, you will need a mic if you want to record your voice. Once again, not necessarily anything fancy.

As for peripherals - it's a good idea to own many cables, as they often go bust. You'll need three minimum (guitar to pedal, mic to pedal, pedal to amp) and hopefully backups. You'll also want a power supply if you don't want your wallet bled dry from batteries - these are never included, so you'll have to get one.

ALSO it's just about the only kind of pedal you have to actually learn how to use - effects pedals are generally good to go straight away, but loopers can be difficult. And you have to know music theory well enough to harmonise with yourself.

Hope ... that... helps...
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I have an original Jamman that has both 1/4" and XLR inputs. So you can use a mic and a guitar together. The looper needs to go to an amp or a PA so you can hear it.

You don't need a mic if you have an electro-acoustic because you can just plug it in.

The first 4 tracks in my profile use a 40 sec looper.
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