I just got a Les Paul Melody Maker … my first ever electric guitar!

I was looking to do some upgrades but for a beginner electric guitar player like me, I wasn’t sure there was anything really worth upgrading – it seems the tuners, tailpiece, and humbucker are already pretty good. Anything more involved of an upgrade (additional pickup, modifications to electronics) I think is too much at my skill level for now.

I would like to replace that pickgaurd / electronics cover though. Does anyone have the template for that? I can just trace it but anything more precise would be great.

What else have others done?
Well you basically crossed out all the "worth doing upgrades" so i say just leave it as is unless you REALLY want to change some of the hardware...

EDIT:sorry didn't really pay attention to the whole first electric guitar thing.
do WHATEVER keeps you playing and whatever you want to it.
if you want, you can check out guitarfetishdotcom they have some things you can look at that are pretty cheap browse around and see what peaks your interest.
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nah id leave it alone, that guitar should be enough to satisfy an intermediate to experienced player let alone a beginner. How the hell can you afford a gibson melody maker as your first ever guitar anyway?
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Thanks for the replies everyone – I appreciate the candid responses!

Quote by RetroGunslinger
How the hell can you afford a gibson melody maker as your first ever guitar anyway?

Well to be clear, it’s the “limited run” LP MM selling for $500 at GC. My budget was going to be about $300 for an Epi LP and the rest for amp, accessories, and effects … kinda blew through that whole budget with the MM lol … so running through reference speakers rather than an amp for now and with a mc-25 effects pedal.

Also, I’m a total noob with the electric but have been playing acoustic for a couple years and the ukulele for longer – of which I spent way way more on my prized ukulele (Kamaka HF-3) than I did on this Gibson.
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Ok well I’m upgrading a couple small things mostly just for looks and make my LPMM my own lol … I’m replacing the blank truss rod cover with a “Les Paul” cover. So before the pitchforks come out, I don’t think that’s being poser cos this limited run is technically a Les Paul MM – I know the standard MM was not technically an LP. I’m also changing out the tuners for a set of Kluson Deluxe with perloid buttons. Oh and new strings lol (elixir 10s – was going to go for 9s but figured let’s not rock the boat too much lol).

Otherwise, I think I agree with the general sentiment here to keep everything as is for now. Thanks again for advice everyone.
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Please don't paint it if it's that gorgeous blue color, but maybe slap a bigsby on it and change the humbucker to a pearly gates, those 2 upgrades will really make it shine, it'll have a nice angus young-slash sound and a good tremolo as well!