Girlfriends new Guitar Day

i'm doing this because 1. i'm the only one of the two of us with an account here and 2. i'm gonna be using it too so yeh...

here's her (our) new Washburn D46 CE SP

bit of background: when i was at the shop getting my strat, she was sitting in the corner pissing about with the acoustics, playing Taylors, Luna's, Martin&co's, and all sorts. then she picked this up for £239 (a few months ago but haven't had a chance to photograph it and stuff as it's been all over the country with her parents during their move house even though she lives with me... long story...)

here's the features:
  • Solid Spalted Maple Top
  • Laminate Spalted Maple Back and Sides
  • 18:1 Grover Tuners
  • B-Band UST with B-Band A3T preamp with built-in tuner
  • 20 fret Maple Neck with Rosewood Fretboard
  • Spalted Maple Headstock Veneer
  • Buzz Feiten Tuning System

so i'm guessing you'll want some pictures now.

here you go.


back (next to my strat) and a more detailed pic of the line that runs down it is further down

label inside


THIS was one of the reasons my gf bought this, because this small thing in the woodgrain looked like a cool heart shape

the B-band preamp

this cool looking line runs vertically along the back of the guitar

back of the headstock

this is what the fret markers look like

small review:
it plays quite nicely, had it through my VT50 earlier and it sounds quite nice through that as well as acoustically giving off a nice sound too. the action is a little higher than i'm used to but i pretty much only play electrics so i should really expect it to be a bit higher than my norm.
i believe the RRP for this thing is over $1000, or was at the time of sale, that model is discontinued now so obviously will be a lot less, and is a lot less.
i'm no acoustic player to be completely honest so sorry that this review was a bit crap.
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thats one sexy acoustic, i love acoustics like that with unusual finishes and woods
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We had a few of those come through the store that I work out, they had a sweet sound. Congratulations to your g/f (and you!)
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