Today, I was driving home from work. It was a normal day, and the roads I drive on aren't typically populated at all. As I was driving, I noticed the two cars in front of me were going the same way as me, but I thought nothing of it. I figured they just lived in the same neighborhood as I do.

However, the first car looked a little nervous. He wasn't paying attention to the lights when they turned, and his speed kept picking up every once in a while. I had a feeling he was drunk, as he had some music gear in his backseat and you know how they are with drugs and drinking and playing music. I was a little concerned, so I wanted to follow him to make sure he got home safe.

I kept following him for a while, but the rusty blue truck that was behind him was driving a bit rowdily, following the first car pretty closely and matching his speed. I started to really get worried and I didn't want anything to happen, so I kept on following.

Eventually, both of them stopped at a really busy intersection and they were right next to each other, the blue truck was way behind the cars in front of him, and he was conveniently placed next to the first car. They started moving lanes frustratingly, which really made me nervous. I had a feeling someone was going to get hurt. Then, the cowboy guy in the rusty pickup truck got out and started yelling at the poor boy in the car, punching his hood and screaming. I was about to get out and see if I could help, but the light quickly turned green and they both sped off.

After following them for some more time, they eventually just split and I'm assuming went home. I was pretty nervous, as I don't like it when people get hurt.

What would you have done in this situation?
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I would have kicked that obnoxious punks ass on the SPOT....
only if I felt he was weaker than me..
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Whipped out ma .44
Shit woulda got messy

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