So im looking for a cheap cheap guitar to practice modding and stuff on but i cant find anything super cheap (like under £50)
im left handed
you probably wont. nothing worth playing anyway.

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you probably wont. nothing worth playing anyway.

doesnt really need to be worth playing, just to make a noise when plugged in
are you in the US? Check craigslist.

squire strats are cheap as shit on there.
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omfg i totally forgot about that, you sir are jesus christ.
Since he used the pounds symbol probably in the UK...

Check second-hand/thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales etc... won't find anything new or namebrand but if you are just practicing modding then you should be fine.
I've seen some good deals on gumtree recently, a Schecter Blackhawk with a wiring fault for £50 and a Vendetta for £60.

EDIT: Didn't see the lefty bit
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It's not worth it for that cheap

perhaps you should try reading what ive asked for rather than just the price