Hey guys,

I'd like to know if the Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde pedal was "noisy". I read some complaints about that.

Like if you activate the OD and the distortion together, there is a lot of noise ?
Is this true ? If so, is it "bareable" (spelling) ?

The V2 is a noise reduction system but I can't afford it!
Thanks !
Nope not noisy at all. No problems using both together except that I like my OD in front of the distortion and the J&H is opposite. It's a good pedal, I recoomend it.
If you can, play it before you buy one. My friend had one and for some reason, the overdrive (only when turned on) made A LOT of noise. Other than that, it's a great pedal.
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Oh right, thanks! Yeah I must try it before. Thanks!
Do you know any other pedal like the J&H ? A bit more affordable ?