Those FDM speakers have been out now for a year or two. They seem to hold some promise. Not sure how practical it would be for someone trying to control volume. The 6505 is a loud amp but does get most of its distortion from the preamp. Most amps have a preamp and a power amp portion.

Are you looking to buy an amp?
While yes, the 6505's fizzy, buzzy distortion does come from the preamp, being that it's a tube amp, it will sound it's best with the post gain (volume) tuned up to a high level for the power tubes to color the sound (but NOT distort; probably between 4 and 5). Based on what I've seen from this speaker, it should allow you to turn the amp up to it's shining point yet be quiet enough for bedroom usage, which would probably answer "yes" to your question.

But for practice, you sound doesn't have to be perfect. I'd suggest saving the extra money and just turning the volume down when you're just doing bedroom wanking.
i saw this vid 1 month back the speakers suck
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