Hey guys.

I'm going to be buying a used drum kit from my friend soon and he doesn't have a double kick pedal. He said he can give me 2 single kick pedals though.

Does anyone know of a way to make a double kick pedal out of 2 single kicks? (Other than buying a 2nd bass drum)

Thanks in advance.
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not possible. Buy a double kick or a second bass drum. sorry.
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Sell them both and buy a double pedal.

Or buy another bass drum.

Either way you're gonna shell out a couple of bucks.
i was actually thinking about this the other day. if you took two , welded them together so you have just one pedal for both sticks, then changed the direction of one of the chains so it was going opposite to the other chain, you could, theoretically, have a single-double bass pedal
haven't tested it yet though
sounds like the dualist pedal
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Making the link between the 2 pedals is not too difficult: what you need is a couple of small universal joints which you can't really build but are not too expensive, then you need a small bar to connect the 2 joints attatched to the pedals together. What is more difficult is getting the length right. To be honest unless you own metalworking tools, you're probably just better off selling the pedals and getting a double.

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Right, I never thought of selling the pedals for a double. LOL. Thanks for all the suggestions guys.
If a pizza has a radius of "Z" and a height of "A" it has a volume of pi(z)(z)(a)
Hi, im designing and building an improved double kick pedal for my final year project at university and would really appreciate anyones views on this survey. If you use a double kick pedal please take just 2 minutes to fill it out, theres are only 13 questions and it would be really helpful for my project.

If you have a spare 2 minutes please follow this link. Thanks

there are a few pedals that you can swap a few pieces around and you get the second half of the pedal and related parts in a kick. IIRC it was on cheap pearl pedals.
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