Well this is my project topic. I'm going to update as I work on my song.

As you see it's called Massacre. In my opinion it has influences
of Rammstein and Metallica.

(After composing the verse I noticed how familiar the riff sounded,
and I think it's a riff from Rammstein?)
-It was really similiar to Du Hast, but it still was different.

Post some suggestions and critics.

If you want to listen it just as I tabbed it click here for .mp3 OUTDATED

Changelist (Edit 1)
- Changed bassline a little
- Added new riff in verse
- Some drum modifying

C4C, guys.

Also the key is G# Locrian
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I really liked the beginning, the main riff is decent, very Metallica-ish. I'm not a Rammestein fan so I dunno what riff it is. Overall not bad, keep working on it, the instrument levels need to be worked on, and label the sections, that helps us a lot. You also need to figure out what key it's in.

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