So I'm looking for a decent guitar for college as I'm going to be a guitar major. The thing is I don't have a good guitar for jazz(though I have one that will work for classical). The thing is I don't have a lot to spend. I was playing a GS Mini and I think it would do the trick for jazz and fingerstyle great if I got the pick up system with it(tried it both acoustic and plugged in). I can get it for about $570 with the pickup at my local shop. Anyone have an opinion on how well the GS Mini would work for this, and any other suggestions at that price or lower?
it's an okay sort of all-purpose guitar. i don't like the spacing for fingerpicking - it's only got a 1 11/16" nut - and the sound isn't great for jazz, but it's better than some. have you tried doing a little of each on it to see what you think?
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I played both some fingerstyle and a little jazz on it and thought it was fine. Sounds great for fingerstyle, and I didn't seem to have a problem with the smaller nut. As far as jazz I did a little and it sounded fine to me. If I run it through an electric amp with a little treble rolled off just a little I think it would be just fine.
I am still open to suggestions though.
I own one and love it. For me, it fingerpicks like a dream and handles bluegrassy flatpicking as well. The slightly shorter scale makes fingering chords a tiny bit easier as well.

I have not yet put the pickup in, waiting for some more mad money.....

I would say with the pickup installed you'd have a decently versatile little guitar that would handle jazz playing quite well. With the pickup, you can easily adjust the tone to be close to the semi-hollowbody electrics that are almost standard for jazz.
it's slightly more expensive but I would take the guild m20 or f20 over the gs mini

if you prefer the 1 11/16 nut

you could probably find one for about that price

even though i love my taylor