Hey guys. Gonna sound like a total n00b but I need help. Does anyone know the technical name for the progression/scale used by iwrestledabearonce - karate nipples, or devil wears prada - goats on a boat, or others like that. Sounds very disjointed/unharmonic. Any help appreciated

Would the harmony be in the scale or is it the harmony moved up 2 or 3 frets? Sorry bout the stupid questions. Away from my guitar so can't try it out
Harmony can be done a lot of different ways (far too many to talk about even in passing here). The most common kind you'll see in the bands you listed is diatonic harmonization. That means that whatever is being played is moved up a third within that scale.

For example, this riff:

Would be harmonized by playing this riff along with it:

The notes in the second riff are still in the E minor scale, but they are a third higher than the original riff. This is called harmonizing in diatonic thirds, though usually it's just called harmonized thirds.

You can also harmonize in thirds by using an entirely different scale and moving the notes up the exact same amount (either 3 half-steps for a minor third or 4 half-steps for a major third).

Some bands use octave harmonies, especially guys like The Human Abstract (see the intro riff to the song Faust for an obvious example). Other times you'll see harmonizing by diatonic sixths or major/minor sixths.

Those are the most common kinds of harmonization that you'll see with bands like the ones you listed, though a lot more complex harmonization techniques exist.